Enabling Sustainable Future

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Enabling Sustainable Future

Advisory & Consulting

Sustainability strategy & Transformation

Regulatory Compliance

Reporting Frameworks: CDP, TCFD, GRI , SECR, GRESB, NGER

4Sustainability Supply Chain for sectors: Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Food & Restaurants, Logistics, Services

Waste Management

Carbon markets, trading & certificate management

ESG investments & Climate Finance

Products & Solutions

Carbon Book

Carbon Ledger

Carbon Certificate Management Platform

Emission calculation API with plug & play 3rd party integration for sectors : Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Logistics, Services

Emission API with plug & play integration with Carbon-Energy-Commodities Trading & Risk Management Platforms

Global Carbon Offset

78 million tCO2e mobilized in 2021 (15% market share globally)

3000+ clients in 40+ countries

Partnered with Global companies : Shell, Vitol

375 million credits in pipeline across Wind, Solar, cookstove & biomass carbon credit projects

$25 million commitment for cookstove projects

Projects across registries: Verra, Gold standard, CORSIA

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Advisory & Consulting Services

Our Advisory & Consulting Services help businesses navigate the complex world of sustainability, providing expert guidance and support to achieve their net zero goals. From strategy development to implementation and measurement, we partner with clients to create sustainable solutions for a better future.


Carbon Book

Carbon Book empowers enterprises seeking experiential learning to enable sustainable behavioral change management and take control of their employee carbon footprint globally with an easy-to-use platform that captures, calculates, and offsets emissions. Plus, with data accessible to enterprises, they can create data driven global sustainability policies and reward programs for the employees.


Global Carbon Offset

Our global carbon offsetting solutions are designed to make a real difference in the fight against climate change. With a range of options, including community-based projects, nature-based solutions, energy efficiency initiatives, green power certificates, and more, we provide a comprehensive suite of options for businesses to invest in green projects or buy carbon certificates to reduce their carbon footprint.


Carbon Ledger

Carbon Ledger simplifies GHG emissions reporting for enterprises with a comprehensive platform that captures, calculates, and reports scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in various regulatory formats. With Carbon Ledger, businesses can streamline their GHG emissions reporting process, meet compliance requirements, and drive sustainability efforts forward.

green api

Green APIs

Our Green APIs make GHG emissions calculations a breeze for businesses across industries – Oil & Gas, Utilities, Retail, Hospitality, Supply Chain & Logistics. Easy to integrate with third-party systems, our Green APIs are the ultimate solution for accurate, efficient emissions calculation and reporting.


Carbon Certificate Management

Carbon Certificate Management (CCM) is the ultimate solution for managing carbon credits with ease. With real-time tracking of carbon credit inventory, distribution across global registries, and retirement data, CCM empowers businesses to optimize their carbon offsetting strategies and make a positive impact on the environment.

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The globe is currently grappling with the contentious environmental problem of climate change.

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